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I didn't feel like cluttering up the App with a list of everything I've completed! But I do want a list, so I'm making a journal of it and linking to this instead. I don't think it's required, but I feel more comfortable with it.

Team Wishmakers

Chapter 1 tasks:
Be sure to get my good side!
Personal NPCs: Stanley and Connor by Hailo95100
Personal NPCs: Stanley and Connor
Wishmakers App

Bullet; Green Connor "Chrysler"
Bashful/likes to relax
Super Luck
Fairy Wind/Yawn/Metronome/Sweet Kiss

When Stanford and his friend Stanley the Castform decided to quit thievery, the only Pokemon willing to give them a chance was a young Togepi named Connor. He's a kind and caring Pokemon who puts all of his trust in his partners and friends and helps them out wherever he can. Currently he's settled in town helping run a small mobile shop. 

Bullet; Black Stanley
Naughty/capable of taking hits
Weather Ball/Powder Snow/Thief/Protect

A long time ago he left his family and took to a life of thievery. After he met Stanford trying to steal from the same place as him, they started happening upon each other more often, turning it into a game. They decided to quit soon after and now Stanley helps run their mobile shop.
The Wishmakers by Hailo95100
The Wishmakers
Ahh! I haven't been part of the PMD crowd in a long time but I'm feeling really confident about this! 

Bullet; Red Stanford "Ford"
Impish/highly persistent

Stanford was born to a Delibird mother and a Walrein father. He spent most of his childhood and adolescence being trained as a thief. Since quitting with a Castform friend and moving to town, they, along with Blythe and Connor, have set up a mobile shop where they sell various wares. Stanford is a highly charismatic Pokemon and considers his Castform friend to be more of a brother.

Bullet; Blue Blythe "Honda"
Sassy/somewhat of a clwon

Once upon a time, a Honchkrow and a Xatu fell in love. To them only one child was born: Blythe. He has many half siblings, including twin brother and sister Ira and Ura. Ura, having hatched a shiny, was chosen to be the one to inherit the clan, and behind scenes, she often chose Blythe as her punching bag. He decided to leave the clan, to which his mother pronounced exile. Stanford, Connor, and Stanley helped him get back on his feet.

Stanley and Connor


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