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Black City Rock by Hailo95100
Black City Rock
Me and my friend Imp have a roleplay going on. And this scene is part of it, ahah. There's more on my askblog,, so!    
SS-- It's from the light world by Hailo95100
SS-- It's from the light world
Rhea: It's like, some, tradition or something I guess, you should wear it. :D 

I. After seeing some of the others this feels fairly underwhelming. 8( I'm sorry it's not so great, but. I had a lot of fun drawing Caasi, soccergirl676!! I hope I got him in character. ;u;    
This is for the Twilight group, the-twili-tribe. Okay I technically don't need much, oh man!! There's some things that would be cool, hohum let's see. Obviously just pick one!! This is just a list so there are options in case you don't like something.

--Your interpretation of my Gerudo (Tunik) as a Twili, since I think the idea of Twili being Gerudo in the past is absolutely fascinating oh gosh! Like seriously, I've never thought of him in a Twili form much, so it's totally open. He can be hanging out with Midna, Zant, your OC, just alone, whatever. If you want him doing something, he's a very curious guy and might enjoy seeing a building or something! Maybe even the floaty black particles.

--Zant and Midna as imps! It doesn't have to be some ridiculous, friend or shippy picture (as I don't honestly ship them), but maybe Midna laughing over Zant's imp form or something! You have free reign over this, I like seeing interpretations of things and how people might see Zant as an imp.

--Link in the Twili realm being all 'hey Midna there's this ridiculous thing call Christmas please wear this hat and pat my doggy head'. Just. /Twili learning about Christmas is so funny to me/.

--Zant!! If you don't like any of those, Zant doing something ridiculous is just fine as well! ;o; He is a ridiculous dude!!

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